About David Goldstein

Florida Attorney and Dispute Resolution Mediator with over 30 years of experience

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About David Goldstein

I have been in practice for over 30 years, and have tried to verdict over 250 cases in all areas of law in our state and federal courts.


I bring this experience to your mediation by providing valuable insight into what juries actually do to help you and your clients understand the benefits, and the risks, associated with time consuming and uncertain litigation.


Helping parties consider the factors that go into the risk analysis of whether to settle a case is how my knowledge, experience, and guidance can be most effective in the mediation process.


I have three awesome children who are all finally out of the house, and I live in Parkland, Florida. I am president of my local Scotch club, over the COVID shutdown I joined a barbeque club, and I am an awful but avid golfer.


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